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    Congratulations to Frankie Klepadlo's Scion tC for a main feature on I thought the last photoshoot with our EVO MR VIII was sick and clean, well AIC just shot and touched up one of their best overall features ever released. Great things continue to happen to us. I wonder why? In the last 3-4 months of AIC car feature releases, this makes it the 3rd consecutive month or time, a Hybrid car is featured. This is again Hybrid History in the making.

    AIC: Final thanks and shout outs?
    FRANKIE: I have to give a big thanks to Karl at AA Autoworks; without him this build wouldn't have happened. Thank you, thank you! I have to thank my Mom & Dad and my beautiful girlfriend, Barbara. I also have to thanks the good looking guy, James and all my boys from Team Hybrid.

    AIC: How long have you owned the car?
    FRANKIE: I have owned the car for almost 4 years now.

    AIC: How much money have you invested on your ride?
    FRANKIE: Retail There is about $70 grand but thanks to my wonderful sponsors I have had to only put about $30 grand out of my pocket.

    AIC: Name one particular mod in your vehicle that stands out to you? Special factor or sentimental value?
    FRANKIE: I would have to say one thing that stands out to me is my shaved rear window. It is something a little different that no one has really done.

    AIC: What's is next for the car? Future mods?

    FRANKIE: Next for the car is going to be a new interior along with a new sound system.

    AIC: What was the 1st car you drove?
    FRANKIE: Haha. The first car I drove was a Pontiac Bonneville that I bought for $700.

    AIC: Hottest trend in the scene?
    FRANKIE: I think the hottest trend is people pushing the limit there are a lot of guys that are trying new and different things; which I respect a lot. I don't think every car should be the same.

    AIC: Please, give me an example.


    AIC: Worst trend in the scene?

    FRANKIE: The worst trend is Lambo doors and neon underglow lighting. Don't do it!

    AIC: Has the car been dyno'd?
    FRANKIE: Yes, the car was tuned and dnyo'd at Yimi Sport in Santa Clarita. It makes 300 WHP & 290 FT/LB torque.

    AIC: How much boost are you running?


    AIC: What was the last traffic ticket or violation you incurred? If any?
    FRANKIE: My last ticket was about a week ago. I got pulled over leaving a meet. They are sending me to the State Referee for my turbo; I'm not sure what I'm gonna do yet.

    Frankie Klepadlo's Scion tC

    For more details of the article and pictures, please click on the link below.

    Hybrid luv,

    James Lin
    "May our legendary tradition continue making history..."

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    wow i love that color


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      nice pix! congrats on the coverage frankie! sux about the ref ticket tho


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        They closed all the Ref spots for the time being. So U R good to go! I think.
        I go to the gym so I can look good naked.


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          I've heard many diff stories about the issue. Some say "go to the Judge and he will throw it out" others say "you have to wait till they reopen"


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            sick shoots!

            congrats Franky!


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              hella sick scion


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                purple chrome paint looks nice!
                mad photoshop skills!


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                  Nice, I like this!


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                    those pics are insane