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Thread: Team Hybrid - Import Showoff's Nisei Week 08/15/09 Results

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    Team Hybrid - Import Showoff's Nisei Week 08/15/09 Results


    Congratulations to Team Hybrid for winning Best Team Overall - Quality @ the 2009 NISEI Week Showoff Car Show (08/15/09) in LA which showed an impressive field of hardcore JDM show's 10th annual - and final - event. With this monstrous Team win, we also took home a total of 8 trophies. We are the #1 import team again baby!

    Here are the Nisei 2009 results:

    Team Showoff (Quality) - Team Hybrid
    JDM Showoff - Archie Con Con - Mirage
    Honda Showoff - Sunny - Accord
    Scion Showoff - Jams Lin - xA
    1st Place Scion - James Lin - xD
    2nd place Nissan - Nick Irie - S14
    2nd Place Scion - Robert Greenn - xB
    3rd place Infiniti - Scott Dean - G35
    3rd Place Nissan - William Oun - R35

    How fitting the originator of how a best team overall should perform & innovate wins the final Team Overall - Quality title @ the originator of import show - Ken Miyoshi's Mainstream - Import Showoff. Team Hybrid is the upper echelon of import teams for over a decade. We have not come full circle after almost 15 years. We invented it and continue to re-invent it.

    Many have said the scene probably would of been a bit more ordinary if not for Team Hybrid. To those I say, your 100% correct. Why? ....because Team Hybrid has been blessed w/ an unparallel ability to make almost anything it touches to be the best of its class or first to many of the import accolades. Lastly, why? ...originated January 7, 1995 and today, August 15, 2009 & forever, we are the #1 Best Team Overall - Quality for the "n" time @ the final Import Showoff, Nisei. This title will belong to us forever!

    In true Hybrid fashion, see you @ the parties this week especially @ Level 3 an Heat Ultra Lounge. Time to party like import legends as we listen to the DJ play music throughout the night esp. these 3 songs: The Game's "This is How We Do It", Eminem's "Forget About Dre", and Dr. Dre's "Still Dre".

    ps. If this is Still not enough and to make sure everyone Never Forgets about Team Hybrid, I am personally & indirectly going to show the import scene This is How We Do It with all that is coming. :0)

    Hybrid luv,

    James Lin

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    I thank all the Hybrid members/probies from SoCal/SD/LV for coming to show luv and esp. those who competed. Lastly, much luv goes out to co-leader/Nisei point man - Em, SD director/Nisei assistant - Scott and co-leader/logistics, Mike for all the work on game day and esp. behind the scenes.

    Let's enjoy the pictures of our lineup and the cars we are all so proud of helping us become the #1 Import Team again baby and making history once again!

    We look great Hybridz. Professional, organized and respected. Rock'in True Import Team since 1995.

    Hybrid luv,

    James Lin

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    Here it is, the all important and prized Import Showoff 2009, Nisei - Team Showoff (Quality) trophy. We have won this award many times in the last decade of Import Showoff existence, but this last Nisei trophy is ours. Those who matter, were there and are knowledgeable know most of the top and heavy hitting import teams including last year winner brought out their top guns to compete @ this show esp. since this was advertised as the last. But at the end of the day, when all the judging & scoring sheets were tallied up, Team Hybrid, an almost 15 year old team was victorious once again along with a total of 8 trophies.

    Ending the year #1. To all the haters, we will always continue to laugh @ each and everyone of you because jealousy is a $%^#! To all our luvers, the #1 team trophy & documented magazine is ours. Victory is ours therefore, history is ours!

    Hybrid luv,

    James Lin

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