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Level 3 - Sept. 18, 2008, Thurs.

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  • Level 3 - Sept. 18, 2008, Thurs.

    Hybridz, Friends & Guests:

    The promoters/club @ Level 3 in Hollywood are throwing an event on 09/18, Thurs. in our honor to celebrate the 9 trophies including Best Team Represent won @ Nisei. We are the main event. Our newest team picture is represented and our two sexy and beautiful Hybrid Hunnyz (Lisa Kaye & Joanna Aimee) will be on the go go's representing all night long. There will also be a daisydukes vs. miniskirts contest that should be quite interesting. No Hybrid cars will be on display, but there will be plenty of Hybrid signage. Please get the word out and bring as many guests as possible while posting up this flyer wherever possible. Please post up if interested or email me your guestlist @ [email protected]. The promoters have advised me this is a guaranteed sold out event so make sure you get on the Hybrid VIP or Regular guestlist.

    Regular Guestlist:


    Hybrid luv,

    James Lin
    "May our legendary tradition continue making history..."

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    hell yea finally something 18 and over. I'll be going to this but im going to see if my lady friend wants to come. As far as guestlist is that an extra charge or just to get in faster?


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      Here are the pictures from our latest event. Level 3, Hollywood, Sept. 18, 2008 celebrating our 9 trophies @ Nisei including runner up EXC & Best Team Represent.

      1. Level 3 Located on the third floor of Hollywood & Highland. Setup and our "Behind the Trophy" DVD on every screen in the club. I was also able to treat our Hybrid co-leaders, members, probies and close friends, the VIP "White Room" as well as the center booth on the stage. All compliments of Hybrid Management as we continue to show our appreciation to our people esp. after a job well done @ Nisei. These two areas are not only RSVP for the best clientele but the best and most expensive spots in the club.

      2. Hybrid Hunnyz Lisa Kaye representing and on the go go's all night long.

      3. Hybrid Hunnyz Joanna Aimee representing and on the go go's all night long.

      4. Lisa Kaye and Joanna Aimee. A match made in heaven.

      5. Hybrid Co-Leaders, Co-Leaders in Training, Members, Hunnyz, & Friends partying it up VIP style.


      6. The Crowd.

      7. Team Hybrid is bring sexy back esp w/ the ladies. Pure sex!

      If you missed out on this, be sure to get yourself on the Hybrid VIP or regular guestlist for our next event, V20 "Round 6" Lingerie & Pajama Night Party on 10/04, Saturday. See you guys there!

      Hybrid luv,

      James Lin
      "May our legendary tradition continue making history..."


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        omg Red was makin luv up in the club!!


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          wow red.... looks like u had fun hahaha


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            lmao Aramis and i were rockin the same thing


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              Someone post these on Frenchiese thread on HE site. haha
              I go to the gym so I can look good naked.


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                Does anyone know where I can find the rest of the pictures from this night?



                Thanks alot . I appreciate it.

                He seemed like the main photographer for Team Hybrid

                Thanks alot