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Power Enterprise Twin Turbo Kit $2000

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  • Power Enterprise Twin Turbo Kit $2000

    Price: $2000 picked up or $2100 shipped + 3% paypal fees

    I am selling a Power Enterprise Twin Turbo kit.
    This configuration is ideal if you want to make boost quickly with little to no lag.
    It will work great if you are on a stock block (325-400whp) or on a built motor (450-500whp with supporting mods).
    I originally bought this from another forum member when he parted out his car but I never installed.
    At the time of purchase, both turbos spun fine but after sitting in a sealed box for 6 months they no longer spun.
    I don't know if they can be made to work or not but I am selling them as not working and if you can make them spin well lucky you.
    You should contact Power Enterprise and see what can be done or replace them with a similar turbos. (I also know someone selling 2 of these turbos brand new).
    I believe if i recall correctly a GT25 may work but I highly suggest doing some research and don't take my word for it. One of the smaller pipes has been crushed slightly, you can have this fixed or you can fabricate a new one which wouldn't be hard.
    The intercooler was also bent and I have had it repaired but you may want to make sure it is working properly.
    BTW Power Enterprise intercoolers are made by ARC.
    All parts that are included are shown in the pictures on this thread.
    This is a great kit for those who are on a tight budget or DIYers.

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    I forgot to mention this kit is for a 350z or g35 but can also be made to work with other vq35de platforms


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      DICK SPIEL, I ll pass the word around to some ppl I know who have VQ35


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          That is mad cheap!!! Do you have pictures?


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            its gone