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i can FINALLY post a legit kill story =]

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  • i can FINALLY post a legit kill story =]

    sorry in advance to all the little ricer honda nut swingers .. hahaha

    so the other day i was driving on the freeway, and there was a newer civic si hatchback in front of me with 3 dudes in it and i though to myself, this could be fun =]
    so i pass them doing about 80 just to check out the ride, listen to it, whatever. its got a carbon fiber hood with hood pins in it and everything. so the dudes look over at me and give me retarded head gestures and crap. then the dude takes off and i take off after him, we get up to 130 (apparently he wanted to supra race) and we're like that for about 2 miles.
    so we get stuck behind some traffic and i get next to them and they continue to make stupid head gestures. at this time i pass them doing about 70 just cruisin. so i look in my rearview mirror and see them trying to do a ricer fly by (i was stoked cuz i was in a 70 roll .. PERFECT for 3rd gear.) so right when they hit about my back bumper i drop it in 3rd and floor it and they get up to about my front fender and i start to pull on them.
    now by this time the freeway is now a highway and there's street lights so we slow down cuz theres traffic. so this dude gets next to me in traffic and the 2 guys in the front seat will NOT look over at me, and the guy in the backseat is laughing his ass off.

    apparently it hurts to get beat by a girl ... in a focus

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    hilarious. its always a good kill when u let them speed up and u just drop the gear, rev it up and smash on them. Of course street racing is illegal and I haven't done anything like that in over 2 years heheh thank the Lord above that I've been safe up until that point. good kill nonetheless


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      Originally posted by Em View Post
      thank the Lord above
      so you've converted? nice.