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Prospective Hybrid Members: qualifications

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  • Prospective Hybrid Members: qualifications

    To prospective members...

    First I would like to welcome you to our forums. There are a few conditions you need to fulfill before you can be considered for Hybrid.

    1) You must reside in the USA or Taiwan.
    2) You must have a positive/open attitude, willing to learn and want to be a part of a legendary group .
    3) You must arrange your schedule accordingly in advance to attend mandatory races/shows, monthly meeting, special function and etc.
    4) Any emails, car proposals, fliers, artwork, pictures and etc. that you take and provide to the team and its leaders from you during your probation and/or membership plus after you leave for whatever reason, is for use and edit at the sole discretion of Team Hybrid, the leaders and Founder/President, James Lin.

    Now, if you fit these qualifications you can then proceed to post up and introduce yourself.

    When you feel you are comfortable enough to go to the second stage email [email protected], Attn: Jesse Ramirez and submit a proposal.

    This proposal will consist of who you are, some background information (so we can get a feel for you), your current mods, future mods, how far you want to go with your car, why you want to join hybrid, what you expect from hybrid, and whatever else you want to include.

    After you submit this proposal we will review this and you will get invited to meet some of the people. If everything works out then you can officially be put on probation.
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