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Long Overdue Proposal

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  • 04silver35
    Great built Ben, welcome

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  • FT86_Yoshi
    great build and welcome to the forum

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  • Jesse
    Great to read this brother Ben, I know that you have been through so much, and you deserve this. Good luck with the business.

    NOW LETS SEE MORE PICS OF THAT RIDE!!!!!, the engine is sick

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  • SimiKfive
    Looks like a great build in process. Welcome!

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  • loveyourmama
    welcome to the family Ben

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  • Armando
    Great into Ben!

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  • celestialv6
    Thank you. Ive been working hard to get things done wright from the begging, but theres always room for improvement.

    Jesse i know the last time we spoke i told you i would take care of my dues at the meeting, but i didn't make it. I had to take care of my mom.

    I heard we might be meeting up this month on the 24th at a show event. I will take care of my dues and be up to date.

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  • Racerb83
    Welcome bro

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  • project jayden
    Nice build so far bro and welcome to the fam!

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  • Jesse
    WOW this is great!

    Good job Ben

    We miss seeing you at the meeting

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  • c5hunter
    Nice Intro!

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  • celestialv6
    started a topic Long Overdue Proposal

    Long Overdue Proposal

    Hey everyone! Here is a little introduction of myself.

    My name is Harmik Der Gevorgian you can also call me Ben. I was born November 1997 in Iran, Tehran and been in the US since 1988. Got married in 2009 my wife Monica and my 2yr old son Andrew been living in Downey, CA. In 1996 I joined the US ARMY until 2005 and during that time Iíve learned a lot about myself and the dissections you make every day, every month, every year will dictate the way you will be living for the rest of your life. Well letís talk about when I bought my first car and it was a 1991 Mazda Rx7 Turbo II. That was when I really got into the import tuning and horsepower you name it. I did so much to that car that it was very hard for me to drive, because of the power it produced. But unfortunately I had to sell that car before I came home. Until 2 years ago I got back into fixing and getting more knowledgeable about Automotive and got myself a 2012 Honda Accord V6 and started again little by little enjoying fixing up my car. I love Soccer and Cars, but now that I canít play soccer anymore due to my injuryís Iím spending time with family and loved ones and the little free time playing with my toy. (Car)

    Why did I choose Team Hybrid?

    Last year I went to extreme auto fest and met Mike (Honda Accord) and I saw his car and it inspired me to also do what I did years ago. He was very helpful and friendly to me as a total stranger and now he mentioned to me that he joined team hybrid and I should come and see it for myself. I spoke to Jesse Ramirez for the first time and from the beginning to the end of the conversation he was very friendly, professional, great personality, it seemed that we knew each other for years. Very few people now days have a positive personality no matter what or how there day is. I believe the numbers show for them self for team hybrid they strive to be the best, have great leaders, and support no matter what the outcome is. Also with so much history I donít think anyone can come close to what team hybrid has accomplished.

    Why Team Hybrid should choose me as one of there members?

    I know what it means to be part of a team. I know before you can lead you must follow and show you have what it takes to be a leader. I know I have all and more than enough experience to do it. Teams need people who speak up and express their ideas and give a helping hand if anyone needs it. I always say attitude reflects leadership and itís not just about one car or one person, itís all about the team the group of people who make time to come to meeting and events and make it happened day after day.

    My current Modifications:

    Owner Bio:
    - Celestial Blue V6
    - 2012 Honda Accord 3.7L V6 Sedan

    Factory Option
    - Latest-Generation Variable Cylinder Management (VCM)
    - Black Supportive Leather-Trimmed Seats
    - One-Touch Power Moon roof with Tilt Feature
    - Remote Entry System w/power window control
    - Maintenance Minder Reader System
    - Bluetooth Hands Free Link
    - Hone Link Remote System

    Performance & Engine Modifications
    - Acura TL 3.7L (SH-AWD Intake Manifold Ported & Polished
    - Acura TL 3.7L (SH-AWD) Throttle Body Ported & Polished
    - Acura TL 3.7L (SH-AWD) Intake Runners Ported & Polished
    - P2R J Series V6 Intake Manifold Spacer
    - P2R Big Bore Throttle Body Spacer
    - P2R Thermal Gaskets (Intake Manifold & Throttle Body Spacers)
    - Rs Type Free Flow Cat back Dual Exhaust System
    - AEM Cold Air Intake
    - Jet Power-Flo Mass Air Sensor
    - Zex EFI Wet 100 Shot Nitrous System
    - Zex Dual Purge Kit
    - Zex Adjustable Bottle Heater
    - Zex Digital Nitrous Monitoring Gauge
    - Zex Blow Down Safety Kit
    - Denso High-performance 1 Step Cold Spark Plugs
    - Auto Meter Nitrous Pressure Gauge
    - NRG Innovations Grounding Kit

    Suspension & Wheels
    - Eibach Pro Kit Lowering System
    - Lorenzo WL 21 Polished 20 x 8.5
    - Hankook Ventus V12 EVO K110 245/35ZR20 All Around
    - NRG Innovations M12 x 1.5 Lug Nuts
    Interior Modifications
    - Xenon Depot Honda Accord Premium LED Dome Lights
    - Xenon Depot LED 360` White Replacement Bulbs
    - Hydrographic Carbon Fiber Water Transfer complete Center counsel & Dash, Door Panels

    Exterior Modifications
    - Spyder Black Halo Projector LED Strip Headlights
    - Spyder Smoke Red LED Tail Lights
    - HID Xenon 6000K Extreme Kit
    - Windshield Window Tint 15% All Around
    - Xenon Depot Hyper White Reverse Lights Bulb Replacement
    - Honda Factory Performance Aero Spoiler
    - High Performance Carbon Fiber Film covered Side Mirrors
    - High Performance Carbon Fiber Film covered Side Door Panels
    - NRG Innovations Grounding Kit

    Audio Sound System
    - Honda Factory OEM-NAVI Head Unit
    - Dynamat Sound Insulation All Around (Door Panels, Truck etc.Ö.)
    - JL Audio XD 700/5 RMS AMP
    - JL Audio C2 Ė 650X 6.5 200W Coaxial Speakers
    - JL Audio C2 Ė 650 6.5 200W Component Speakers
    - JL Audio 12W3v3 Ė 2 12Ē 1000W Subwoofer
    - JL Audio 12Ē Single Custom Ported Enclosure
    Attached Files