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    Hi im Michael Ramirez, so new to this scene.

    I am out of Chino California, SoCal Chapter.

    My currently building a 1959 Ford F100 short bed, a little different then what you see in this team. My goals is to restore the body but mod the drive train. It currently has a 2006 Crown Victoria font suspension out of a police interceptor, next on the list is a disc brake rear end from any Ford car .... I will make it fit.

    I am a 15 year base machinist and a fabricator by heart and love building anything with wheels and motor.

    I was introduce to the team by my brother Jesse our recruiting director. At first i was hesitant to come see the team let alone to join since this is knows as a tuner club. I have been in several car clubs through my years from this car loving hobby, but never interested in any car club like Team Hybrid.

    What caught my attention was the well organized and professional attire this team has. Number one in my book, so with that, I am proud to build my truck and represent it as part of the team. I am hopping to be done for SEMA 2015 and represent the team with this classic mod truck to show everyone that its not just about new cars but also about any thing with wheels. Wish me luck and hope to make everyone proud.

    I posted this from my iPhone 5, not easy task so, if it look crappy my bad.

    Truck was donated to me from a family friend with one condition, that I rebuild her so I can enjoy it with my son.

    1959 Ford F100 pickup

    see more pics on my profile
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    Welcome to Team Hybrid bro.

    Like I have mentioned to you, this organization is only good and successful when each member gives back to its new found family. Giving back meaning, being proactive, representing your colors, your team title sponsors professionally and connecting with each other.

    I wish you luck, probation period is tough.



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      Michael! Bro Im really excited that you joined the Team! Really nice project you have going on there! Cant wait to see the outcome! I know it will be amazing! SEMA 2015 here you come!


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        Welcome to Hybrid! It is nice to see some other platforms here. I love the old school cars especially when built cleanly. Good luck to you on your build.