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on probation will answer most questions

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  • on probation will answer most questions

    1)intro: melvin reyes elevator tech, some college , i was once upon a time a music major ive always liked cars and their modification for the past 14 years they been on the back burner as i focused on my career ,as early as 2011 i decided to mod cars.

    2) Why did you choose Team Hybrid? i was invited to join the team and as well as being on probation taking the time to also evaluate the team life in a way as i have always been a solo. i really only attended small meets and local shows, autocon,extreme auto,and spocom have been my only "BIG shows i have attended. to date

    3) Why should Team Hybrid choose you?
    A loaded question, i will let my actions speak for me i have been fortunate to work and speak with a few during spocom roll in and prep day. thank you

    4) Your current modification :the three cars i own have limited mods in the areas of tunning ,exterior and suspension all to pleas my personal taste .

    1) 2012 fiat 500 abarth
    team dynamics gold wheels on honkook v2 17x7 205
    custom coil over kit limited 500 interior
    custom cold air bnc filter
    magnetti merrelli piggy back ecu
    thule bike rack
    25mm rear spacers
    custom front grill

    2)2013 GTR black edition
    tommy kaira side skirts
    custom overtake dry carbon rear diffuser with low l.e.d fog
    front lip by schmieden mfg japan
    mpc forged gold wheels on pilot super sport
    power house Amuse titanium exhaust
    cobb v2pro tune
    cobb intakes kn cone filters
    custom alcantera head liner
    cusco roll bar
    kevlar shift knob

    3) 1993 skyline GTR
    its special =)

    5) Your future modification. TBDT
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    Welcome to the Team! Please post some pictures of your cars and your face so everyone here knows who you are


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        Welcome Melvin, it's great to see you. Your much humble person

        Found a pic of his baby


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          Originally posted by Jesse View Post
          Welcome Melvin, it's great to see you. Your much humble person

          Found a pic of his baby
          thanx still fig out how to post i have uploaded a few to my albums


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            Love the Skyline and it was a pleasure to meet you. Enjoyed the conversation and knowledge you have about cars


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              Hey Bro! Yeah thanks for all your Help this year at SpoCom! Glad to have you on the Team!


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