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Team Hybrid - NCCA "David Huang's Lexus IS300" Feature Mild Contender

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  • Team Hybrid - NCCA "David Huang's Lexus IS300" Feature Mild Contender


    Congratulations to David Huang's Lexus IS300 being on National Custom Car Association's (NCCA) feature "MILD" contender. For more, please visit:


    "Subtlety" is a word that you won't find in David Huang's vocabulary. As the owner of the headline vehicle for the 2006 Hot Import Nights tour, David is no stranger to building Lexus IS’s, as he built his IS300 to stand out from the crowd. In June of 2000, the IS300 was purchased with the intent of building a capable street car. For the next 18 months, David enjoyed driving his Lexus after performing the usual bolt-on upgrades. In February of 2002, David became a little too comfortable driving the IS300. On his first canyon racing experience, David lost control and put his IS300 on top of a two-foot retaining wall that kept him and his car from going over the cliff. The car hit with such impact that the bumper, bumper support and radiator were jettisoned down the cliff. Rather than do the sane thing and junk the IS300, David decided to put the IS300 under the knife for some major surgery. Passion took a front seat while reason was put in the back. The frame was pulled back to its original dimensions and the process of rebuilding the IS300 was initiated. His IS300 has been revamped several times to become the top show car it is today. The goal was to build an IS300 that would be the envy of all other IS300 owners. Considering the extent of modifications made to the engine, exterior, interior and electronics, it's safe to say that David accomplished his goal.


    -JDM MAZiORA Andromeda Paint
    -JDM HKS D1-spec Front Fanscia
    -JDM HK1 D1-spec Side Skirts
    -JDM HKS D1-spec Rear Valance
    -JDM HKS D1-spec Grill
    -JDM HKS Cibie Fog Lights
    -JDM HKS Black Chrome Badge
    -JDM Shift Sport Carbon Fiber Hood
    -JDM Shift Sport Vented Fenders
    -JDM TRD 01’ Deck Spoiler
    -JDM Altezza Head Lamp
    -JDM Altezza Clear Side Marker
    -JDM Altezza Rain Visors
    -JDM Altezza Carbon Fiber Pillars
    -JDM Altezza Rear Badge
    -JDM Altezza Carbon Licence Garnish
    -JDM Altezza Short Antenna
    -JDM Modelista Side Mirrors
    -JDM Black Housing Tail Lamps
    -JDM Carbon Fiber Antenna base
    -HKS High Beam Bulbs
    -33% Titanium Reflect tint.


    -JDM Altezza Steering Wheel
    -JDM Altezza Gauge Cluster Face
    -JDM Altezza Engine Start Button
    -JDM Altezza 2003~up Cup Holder
    -JDM Altezza Blank Coin Holder
    -JDM Altezza Head Unit Din
    -JDM CUSCO 2pts. Harnesses Roll Bar
    -JDM HKS DB Chrono Boost Gauge
    -JDM HKS DB Chrono EGT Gauge
    -JDM HKS DB Chrono Oil Temp Gauge
    -JDM RECARO Seat Slider
    -JDM RECARO Seat Bracket
    -JDM TAKATA 4 points Harnesses
    -JDM TAKATA Gel Pads
    -TRD Gauge Pod
    -TRD Ltuned Floor Mats
    -StitchCraft Suede Headliner
    -StitchCraft Suede Pillars
    -StitchCraft Suede Visors
    -StitchCraft Black Leather Handle
    -PLP Passenger Aluminum Plate


    -Custom 650cc. fuel injectors by RC
    -Custom VVTi cam spacer
    -Custom port&polish
    -Custom 3.1L Stroker kit by JUN
    -Custom Carbon driveshaft by JUN
    -Custom forged pistons by JUN
    -Custom 2mm headgasket by JUN
    -Custom forged piston rods by JUN
    -Custom braided fuel lines
    -Custom oil return line

    Under the hood:

    -Garrett GT35R Turbo
    -D.T. custom Turbo tubular manifold
    -D.T. custom down pipe
    -D.T. custom Polish piping
    -D.T. custom Piping mounts
    -Custom Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
    -Custom Hood Prop Kit
    -JDM Cusco Oil Catch Can
    -JDM Blitz Oil cap
    -JDM Blitz Radiator cap
    -JDM HKS 4” Turbo Funnel
    -JDM HKS GT Wastegate
    -JDM HKS Spark Plugs
    -JDM HKS SQV Blow Off Valve
    -JDM HKS S-Type Intercooler
    -JDM HKS Metal Flow Intake
    -JDM HKS Carbon-Ti exhaust
    -JDM HKS Exhaust silencer
    -JDM HKS Exhaust Cam 264 degree
    -JDM HKS Exhaust Cam Gear 2nd Gen
    -JDM HKS Timing Belt
    -JDM HKS Circle Earth Ground Wire


    -JDM HKS F-conVpro Standalone
    -JDM HKS 2JZ-GTE Harness
    -JDM HKS EVC-V Boost Controller
    -JDM HKS DB Chrono Junction Box
    -JDM HKS CAMP Head Unit
    -JDM HKS CAMP Junction Box
    -JDM HKS CAMP Harness/Sensors
    -JDM HKS Type-0 Turbo Timmer
    -JDM HKS Twin Power Ignition
    -TBKO Shifter Kit


    -JDM Advan Kreuzer V in 19”
    -BFGoodrich KDW/TA Tires
    -JDM ENDLESS 13.5” Rotors
    -JDM ENDLESS 6-Piston Calipers
    -JDM ENDLESS Stainless brake lines
    -JDM ENDLESS brake pads
    -JDM CUSCO Carbon Front Strut Bar
    -JDM CUSCO 1.5way LSD
    -JDM CUSCO Front Stg1 tie bar
    -JDM CUSCO Rear Stg1 tie bar
    -JDM CUSCO Rear Stg2 tie bar
    -JDM Do Luck Rear Cross Bar
    -JDM HKS Kansai Rear Strut Bar
    -JDM HKS Hipermax2 Coilovers
    -JDM HKS Purple Series Sway Bars
    -KAAZ Transmission Fluid
    -KAAZ LSD Fluid


    -Eclipse AVN 2554 Head Unit
    -Diamond D7104 Amp X1
    -Diamond D7401 Amp X2
    -Diamond M6 12” sub X2
    -Diamond HEX speakers
    -Diamond M series Components (In Car)
    -Diamond M series Components (Trunk)
    -15” ACCEL LCD Monitor (trunk)
    -CAE Power Supply
    -CREATiVE Custom Fiberglass Layout
    -CREATiVE Custom Acrylic Panels
    -CREATiVE Custom Neon-Display
    -OPTIMA Blue Top Battery X2
    -SONY PS2

    Hybrid luv,

    James Lin
    "May our legendary tradition continue making history..."