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Team Hybrid - HPI aka. Performance Imports "Australia" Magazine Issue #118 - EVO IX

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  • Team Hybrid - HPI aka. Performance Imports "Australia" Magazine Issue #118 - EVO IX


    Congratulations to Charleston Penesa's Mitsubishi EVO IX in a 5 page full feature in an international magazine called HPI aka. Performance Imports "Australia" magazine 2010, Issue No. 118, pgs. 052-056. This is the 2nd full feature article for Charleston's Tangelo EVO IX in less than a calendar year.

    HPI wrote, "Charleston's a member of Team Hybrid and with the help and guidance of Archie Concon, the team's EVO specialist, has worked his way up to the car of his dreams." Remember what I said in my news post today, "We continue to make dreams come true for our members." Here is further proof! HPI continues by saying, "With the PCM re-flashed to support the PTE 880CC fuel injectors, this little 2L mill belts out 500HP @ 27PSI."

    Charleston and Hybridz are everywhere! Nice KDW's. Lets say we put a set of BFGoodrich Drag Radials or R1's on your new rims - Gram Lights 57 for your next feature article?

    Hybrid luv,

    James Lin
    "May our legendary tradition continue making history..."

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    Congrats charleston, very well deerved!


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      Congrats bro!!! well deserved.


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        I love you Charlie Warlie Awesomeness yo!!!