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    Congratulations to Michael Eaddy's EVO VIII for being featured in the online website - Please visit and for the exact link of the article which was released today, please visit

    Title: "SpoCom Featured Show Car... Re-Defined - Get up close and personal with Team Hybrid's definition of the 2005 Mitsubishi EVO III"

    Re-Defined... 2005 Mitsubishi EVO VIII

    It's remarkably civilized, but requires that its driver be serious, attentive, and committed. It's less a race replica than a high-strung race car slightly tamed for the street, yet has almost all of the comforts expected from a rally-bred sports car. Similar, yet different...very very different. This was the vision of Micheal when he redefined his 2005 Mitsubishi EVO III. There is no question that this Evo VIII is a serious performance machine. You can get more details of this EVO III at and Take a look at the modifications and a some exclusive photos of Micheal Eaddy's Re-Defined EVO III.

    The Car:
    2005 Mitsubishi EVO VIII

    The Team:

    The Body:
    - Varis front bumper
    - Varis front carbon fiber canards
    - Varis sideskirts
    - Varis carbon fiber side under panels
    - Varis rear bumper
    - Varis rear diffuser
    - Varis rear vortex generators
    - Varis carbon fiber side pillers
    - JDM MR Tail lihgts
    - Custom jeep green paint
    - Custom carbon fiber roof
    - Custom carbon fiber Trunk
    - Varis carbon fiber hood
    - Car Care by Meguiar's

    The Shoes:
    - Custom chrome19x8.5 +22 offset Volk ce28n wheels
    - BFGoodrich KDW Tires

    The Force:
    - TEIN FLEX Coilovers
    - Project mu 4 piston 4 Pad big brake kit
    - APR front strut bar

    The Power:
    - ACT MB7-HDSS clutch
    - HKS JDM Turbo Back Hi Power Exhaust with TI tip
    - HKS 272 cams intake/exhaust
    - Custom 3” Down Pipe By Super tuning
    - HKS JDM Race Suction Intake
    - HKS Kansai Service carbon fiber Air intake box
    - Custom ECU Flash
    - HKS Intercooler
    - HKS intercooler piping
    - HKS ver. 2 Blow Off Valve
    - Cusco Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield
    - ARP head studs
    - Walbro 255 fuel pump
    - Denso 720 fuel injecters
    - Samco hoses

    The Fashion:
    - Red Bride Gias Sport Maziora Seats w/red Bride interior
    - Red suede headliner
    - BF Defi Gauge cluster
    - A’pex Turbo timer

    The Sound:
    - Full Custom sound systems
    - 3x Alpine 800watt Amp
    - 4x Alpine Type-R 500Watt subs
    - Alpine IVA-310 7” Flip out screen
    - Alpine 8” TV Mounted in the Trunk
    - Custom fiberglass enclosure (Painted to Match car color)

    The Gossip:
    - March 2010 Cover Issue of Super Street

    "May our legendary tradition continue making history..."

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    Congratz Big Mike!!!


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      i saw this car the other day exiting along side with me on victory!


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        looks great in photos


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            That a baby Mike!!!