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Team Hybrid - Performance Auto & Sound "2 Covers" Dec/Jan 2011 Issue

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  • Team Hybrid - Performance Auto & Sound "2 Covers" Dec/Jan 2011 Issue


    Performance Auto & Sound "Cover" Jan/Dec 2011 Issue and "Cover" PASMAG Overdrive Magazine. Hybrid and Import Industry History in the making once again!

    Over the past 15+ years, our team has inspired many, brought greatness to more people than we ever imagined, and ingrained ourself in the public consciousness with such force of will that we have become a brand and legendary name. Almost everything we touch, turns into gold. Every suggestive idea, innovative customization, almost every make/model of car, display, Hybrid Hunnyz, accolade, sponsor, trend, and even our management team of co-leaders & chapter directors have been looked up to or copied by various import teams throughout the world.

    As your leader, it is my job to continue to lead by example, do what I must behind the scenes in order to continue making Hybrid History and keep us ahead of the competition while our members focus and build their car(s) to be best of the best. Actions speak louder than words. Not only are we making Hybrid History again, we are making Import Industry History by placing two Hybrid cars on the same issue of both Outer & Inside COVERS in Performance Auto & Sound Magazine for the 2nd time. Our team name & logo is also printed on the inside cover to help sell the magazine. We are also the first team to do this for a 2nd time. Some teams may score a cover here and there, but NONE (past or present) have scored two covers in the same issue in the last 15+ years that I know and doing for the 1st time back in 2008 was an honor, but now, we have done it again for a 2nd time. We continue to appreciate the level of respect and relationship we have with our industry partners.

    We thought making cover of March 2010 Super Street issue w/ the Mitsubishi EVO VIII was amazing. Now, we just topped ourselves once again. As some of you may know or those that subscribe, PAS is now two magazines in one. There is the PAS Cover and in the magazine, there is another magazine called PASMAG Overdrive which also has its own cover.

    Lastly, there is more Hybrid & Import History in the making. PAS has confirmed with me @ SEMA 2010 that Team Hybrid is the most published team in their magazine history.

    Congratulations to SoCal Chapter's Omar Rivas 2004 Honda S2000 in a 5 page "COVER" feature in Performance Auto & Sound Magazine Dec/Jan 2011 issue, pgs 024-030. PAS wrote, "As an added bonus for the body work, the bodyshop introduced him to James Lin of Team Hybrid. Rivas recognized the team from past show cars and magazine covers, so he felt honored to be invited to join them... Rivas gives lots of credit to his family and is proud to have joined Team Hybrid (who are going on 15+ years strong). He says without the support, the would have given up and sold the car long ago."

    Congratulations to Las Vegas Chapter's Charleston Penesa 2006 Mitsubishi EVO IX on being in a 4 page "COVER" feature in PASMAG Overdrive Magazine which is inside of the Dec/Jan 2011 issue, pgs 088-091. PASMAG titled the article,, "Team Hybrid's GENERATION9INE." PASMAG Overdrive wrote, "Penesa with the help of Team Hybrid's Founder/President, James Lin teamed up with electronic powerhouse Sony, to add some of the latest Sony Xplod gear. Penesa's installer and fellow Team Hybrid member, Tom Milroy made some room for the Sony XAV-60 double DIN... Penesa is an example of what enthusiasts want today and Team Hybrid's philosophy - the total package of Race-Street-Show."

    What another historical and record breaking year we are having. We are everywhere. All of us are prouder than ever to be part of Team Hybrid and/or Hybrid Hunnyz.
    "May our legendary tradition continue making history..."

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      You did it mi Cubano...Where you at??.....Congrats once again "SuperStar!" lol Nice seeing you at SEMA..


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        congrats to you both !


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          Congrats man